Imperial Chakri Palace Food Review by Spicy Sharon

In view of getting rid of the notorious Monday blues and to blab about how stressful work life is, me and colleague went for a Thai-feast mid-noon.
Imperial Chakri Palace
Imperial Chakri Palace first opened its doors in 1999, serving authentic fine Thai cuisine prepared by highly skilled Thai chefs hailing all the way from Thailand.With renowned customers like the PM having dined in this restaurant before, I had high expectations.

A favorite hotspot for corporate luncheons and dinners, the table arrangements was setup with means of catering for larger groups.


There was a good selection of Tom Yum, Poultry and Thai desserts available.




It took a good 20 minutes before the first dish was served and another 20 minutes for the dessert to arrived upon prompting the waiters.

 Chakri Tom Yum Goong Mae Num. Rm21.90,


The Tom Yum was clear, sour and with a tinge of spiciness. The Goong (‘prawns’) on the other hand, was firm and well done. That said, the tom yum left a distinct herb aftertaste in my mouth which I did not favor nonetheless.

Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai. Rm19.00.


The Thai Green curry was not too spicy yet distinctly aromatic. Though the chicken slices was a little overcooked, the sweetness of the green curry was simply flavorful. I would recommend this.

Poo Ja. Rm11.90 (each).


The golden crab shell stuffed with minced chicken, crab meat and egg yolk was scrumptious. I would recommend this.

Khow Neow Durian Neg Luk. Rm16.00.




This durian sticky rice ball was crispy on the outside yet moist on the inside. The durian filling was oozing out when I sliced through the crisp shell and the vanilla ice cream on the side simply neutralizes the richness of the durian.
Frozen Lime. Rm11.90.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10 for the green curry and stuffed crab. Overall, the food was pretty decent but I’m still leaning towards the likes of  My Elephant.


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