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Chakri Tom Yam
Choice of Clear (Bangkok Style)/Red (Southtern Style)
Chakri Tom Yam
Chakri’s rendition of the famous sour and spicy lemongrass soup served in a clear or red soup base.

King Prawn Gung Mae Num RM 24.9
Oxtail Haang Wua RM 24.9
Seafood Talay RM 15.9
Chicken Gai RM 14.9
Vegetarian Jay RM 14.9
Clear Tom Yam with Seabass RM 19.9
Clear Chicken Soup with Glass Noodles
Gaeng Jead Woon Sen
Classic chicken soup served with thin clear glass noodles,
minced chicken , mushrooms and egg tofu
RM 18.9
Tom Yam Chicken with Creamy Coconut Milk
Tom Kha Gai
Creamy tom yam soup served with succulent chicken
RM 17.9
Thai Spicy Herbal Soup with seafood
Gaeng Leang
Thai spicy herbal soup with vegetables and seafood
RM 15.9
Spiced Salads
Chakri Mieng Kham Scallop

  RM 49.9
Thai Papaya Salad with Tuna

  RM 26.0
Four Winged Bean Salad with King Prawn

  RM 32.9
Chakri Fresh Prawns & Scallop Salad
Gung Pla Oyshell
Spicy fresh prawns and scallop salad
  RM 39.9
Roast Duck Salad
Yam Phed Yang
Traditional Thai salad served with aromatic roasted duck
RM 24.9
Signature Catfish Mango Salad
Yam Pla Duk Foo
Thai mango salad served with minced crispy catfish
RM 22.9
Spiced Minced Chicken Salad
Larb Gai
Spiced minced chicken salad
RM 24.9
Glass Noodles with Seafood Salad
Yam Woon Sen
Glass noodles with mixed seafood salad
RM 24.9
Soft Shell Crab Salad with Mango
Poo Nimyam Ma Moung
Thai mango salad served with crispy soft shell crab
RM 24.9
Papaya Salad
Yam Soam Roam
A mixture of marinated mango and papaya salad
RM 22.9
Thai Mango Salad
Yam Ma Moung
Thai marinated mango salad
RM 21.9
Traditional Thai Papaya Salad
Som Tam
Thai marinated papaya salad
RM 21.9
Thai Style Crispy Morning Glory
Pak Bung Chub Peng Tord
Fresh morning glory coated in tempura flour
deep fried to perfection
RM 21.9
Thai Curries


New Curry Selections

Green Curry Crab Meat with Rice Noodles RM 29.9
Premium Crab Ball in Yellow Curry RM 29.9
Red Curry Chicken with Roti RM 29.9


Traditional Red Curry
Gaeng Phed
Spicy red curry ¬†served with a choice of Chakri’s Signature Roasted Duck, Chicken, Beef or vegetarian

Signature Roasted Duck Ped Yang RM 30.9
Chicken Gai RM 29.9
Beef Neua RM 29.9
Vegetarian Jay RM 25.9
Traditional Green Curry
Gaeng Kaew Wan
Traditional creamy green curry served with a choice of chicken, beef , prawns or vegetarians.

Prawn Gung Yang RM 30.9
Chicken Gai RM 29.9
Beef Neua RM 29.9
Vegetarian Jay RM 25.9
Thai Red Peanut Curry
Thai red peanut curry served with a choice chicken, beef , prawns or vegetarians.

Prawn Gung Yang RM 30.9
Chicken Gai RM 29.9
Beef Neua RM 29.9
Vegetarian Jay RM 25.9
Fish Dishes

Deep Fried with Phad Cha Sauce
Pla Krapong Phad Cha
  RM 79.9
Steamed with Lime & Chili
Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now
Steamed seabass served with refreshing lime and chili
  RM 79.9
Deep Fried with Thai Mango Salad
Pla Krapong Ma Moung
Savoury deep fried seabass served with refreshing Thai mango salad
RM 79.9
Chakri Special Steamed with Thai Assam Curry
Pla Krapong Gaeng Som
Steamed seabass served with authentic Thai assam curry
RM 79.9
Deep Fried with Thai Herb Sauce
Pla Krapong Tod Samunpai
Crispy deep fried seabass served with a coat of Chakri’s Special Thai Herb Sauce
RM 79.9
Steamed with Ginger & Soy Sauce
Pla Krapong Neung Khin
Steamed seabass served with ginger and soy sauce
RM 79.9

Deep Fried with Traditional Sweet & Spicy Sauce
Pla Kao Sam Rod
Deep fried garoupa served in sweet and spicy sauce
  RM 79.9
Deep Fried with Sweet & Sour Sauce
Pla Kao Prieow Wan
Deep fried garoupa served in sweet and sour sauce
RM 79.9
Deep Fried with Tamarind Sauce
Pla Kao Ma Kam
Deep fried garoupa served in Tamarind sauce
RM 79.9
Deep Fried with Thai Herb Sauce
Pla Kao Samunpai
Deep fried garoupa served with Chakri’s Special Thai Herb Sauce
RM 79.9
Australian Lobster with Thai Sweet and Spicy Sauce   RM 26.0/100gm
Gung Mang Gaawn
Fresh lobster served with a choice of butter egg sauce, peanut sauce, sweet and sour sauce, lime and chilli or steamed with ginger
  RM 24.9 / 100g
Signature Deep Fried King Prawn (per pc)
Gung Mae Num Phad Nui/Prig Tai Dum/Med Ma Moung/Choo Chee
Deep fried king prawn served with a choice of butter egg sauce,black pepper sauce, cashew nut paste or peanut paste
RM 24.9
Chakri Crispy Soft Shell Crab (per pc)
Poo Nim Caree/Kathiam/Prieow Waan
Crispy soft shell crab served with a choice of Thai yellow egg gravy, salted fragrant garlic or sweet and sour sauce
RM 15.9
Imperial Golden Crab Shell with Minced Meat (per pc)
Poo Ja
Golden Crab Shell stu_ed with minced chicken,Special Thai crab meat and egg yolk
RM 18.9
Steamed King Prawn with Lime & Chili (per pc)
Gung Mae Num Nueng Ma Now
Steamed king prawn in lime and chilli sauce
RM 24.9
Steamed Cuttlefish with Lime & Chili
Pla Muk Nueng Ma Now
Steamed cuttlefish in lime and chilli sauce
RM 32.9
Crispy Floured Squid with Thai Chili
Pla Muk Chud Peng Tord
Crispy squid in _our with shallots served with Thai spicy chilli sauce
RM 32.9
Stir Fried Squid with Salted Egg
Pla Muk Phad Kai Kem
Stir fried squid served with salted egg gravy
RM 32.9
Thai Style Sweet & Sour Shrimps
Prieow Waan Goong
Stir fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce
RM 29.9
Poultry Dishes
Chakri Roasted Duck with Coffee Sauce
Pheb Ob Karfe
Roasted crispy duck served with Thai traditional coffee sauce
  RM 39.9
Signature Golden Crispy Chicken with Mango Sauce
Gai Tod Ma Moung Prieow Waan
Golden crispy chicken served in sweet and sour mango sauce
RM 32.9
Traditional Pandan Chicken (5 pcs)
Gai How Bai Tuey
Chicken marinated with Thai spices and wrapped in fragrant Pandan leaves
RM 29.9
Thai Spiced Chicken Wings (6 pcs)
Chakri Pik Gai Tord
Deep fried Thai-spiced chicken wings served with Thai spicy chilli sauce
RM 29.9
Sauteed Chicken with a Selection of Sauce (Cashew Nut/Basil Leaves/Black Pepper/Sweet & Sour Sauce)
Gai Pad Med Ma Muang/Bai Krappow/Prig Tai Dum/Prieow Waan
Tender chicken sauteed with a selection of sauce to perfection
RM 29.9
Beef Dishes
Sizzling/Stir Fried Black Pepper Beef
Neua Kratha’ront/Phad Prig Tai Dum
Beef slices served in black pepper sauce on a sizzling plate or stir fried
  RM 33.9
Stir Fried Beef Basil with Long Beans
Neua Phad Bai Krapprao
Stir fried beef slices cooked in basil and served with long beans
RM 32.9
Thai Style Ginger Beef
Neua Phad Khing
Stir fried beef slices with ginger and spring onions
RM 32.9
Sauteed Beef Cashew Nut
Neua Pad Med Ma Muang
Tender beef sauteed with cashew nuts and dried chilli
RM 32.9
Egg & Beancurd Dishes
Fried Beancurd with Thai Basil Leaves & Chili
Tao Hu Phad Bai Krappow
Fried Japanese beancurd with Thai basil leaves and chili
  RM 24.9
Traditional Thai Omelette
Kai Jiew
Traditional Thai omelette served with a choice of Crab Meat, Seafood, Chicken or Vegetarian

Crab Meat Poo  RM 23.9
Seafood Talay RM 23.9
Chicken Gai RM 23.9
Vegetarian Jay RFM 15.9
Sizzling /Fried Beancurd with Minced Prawn & Shitake
Tao Hu Kratha’ront/Phad Gung Hom
Sizzling/fried Japanese beancurd with minced prawns and shiitake mushrooms
  RM 23.9
Fried Beancurd with Minced Chicken
Tao Hu Gai Sab
Tender beancurd served with delicious minced chicken
RM 23.9
Asparagus Scallops with Garlic & Oyster Sauce
Oyshell Phad Nor Mai Farang
Stir friend asparagus and scallops served with garlic & oyster sauce
  RM 37.9
Organic Mixed Vegetables
Organic Pak Roum Mirt
A mix of organic asparagus, broccoli, cabbage and baby corn with garlic
RM 28.9
Brocolli Mushroom with Oyster / Garlic Sauce
Broccoli Phad Head Hom
Stir fried asparagus served with a choice of shrimp paste or garlic sauce
RM 28.9
Asparagus with Spicy Shrimp Paste/Garlic Sauce
Gung Phad Nor Mai Farang Gapi/Kathiam
Stir fried asparagus served with a choice of shrimp paste or garlic sauce
RM 28.9
Chakri Petai & Prawn with Spicy Shrimp Paste
Staw Phad Gung Num Prig Gapi
Stir fried petai and prawns with shrimp paste sauce
RM 28.9
Traditional Thai Kailan with Salted Fish
Kana Pla Kem
Stir fried kailan with salted fish
RM 24.9
Steamed Kailan with Garlic & Oyster Sauce
Kana Phad Head Hom
Fresh Kailan steamed to perfection and topped with garlic and oyster sauce
RM 24.9
Stir Fried Morning Glory with Tauchu Sauce
Phak Bung Fai Daeng
Stir Fried Morning Glory with Tauchu Sauce
RM 24.9
Thai Style  Morning Glory with Spicy Shrimp Paste
Phak Bung Prig Gapi
Stir Fried Morning Glory with shrimp paste sauce
RM 24.9
Chakri King Prawn Flat Noodles in Gravy
Ladna Talay
Fried Kuey Teow served with king prawns and squids in gravy

RM 29.9
RM 64.9

Thai Style Fried Glass Noodles
Phad Woon Sen
Delicious glass noodles fried in Thai style and served with a choice of Chicken, Soft Shell Crab or King Prawn

King Prawn Gung Mae Nam RM 32.9 (Standard)
RM 64.9 (Large)
Soft Shell Crab Poo Nim RM 29.9 (Standard)
RM 64.9 (Large)
Chicken Gai RM 24.9 (Standard)
RM 62.9 (Large)

Thai Style Fried Beef Noodles
Phad Si Oui Neua
Flat noodles stir fried with aromatic beef

RM 24.9
RM 64.9

Traditional Phad Thai Noodles
Phad Thai
Traditional Thai noodles served with crushed peanuts, chili flakes, bean sprouts and a refreshing slice of lime

RM 22.9
RM 64.9
Traditional Duck Noodles Soup
Kuey Teow Phed Soup
Flat noodles served with duck in a delicious broth
RM 22.9
Traditional Beef Noodles Soup
Kuey Teow Neua Soup
Flat noodles served with beef in a delicious broth
RM 22.9

Standard: 1-2 Pax
Large: 3-4 Pax

Pineapple Fried Rice
Khow Ob Sapparod
Fragrant pineapple fried rice served with shrimps or vegetarian

RM 22.9
RM 64.9

Chakri Fried Rice
Khow Phad Chakri
Chakri’s very own rendition of the fragrant Thai fried rice. Served with a choice of sliced Chicken , Crab Meat , Prawn , Seafood or Vegetarian

RM 22.9
RM 64.9

Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with Mango
Khow Kruk Kapi
Fragrant fried rice served with a choice of Seafood, Shrimps , Crab Meat or Sliced Chicken

RM 22.9
RM 64.9

Thai Village Fried Rice with Salted Fish
Khow Phad Pla Kem Kana
Fragrant Thai village fried rice with kailan and salted fish

RM 22.9
RM 64.9
Steamed Brown Rice RM 4.9
Steamed Thai Fragrant Rice
Khow Suay
RM 3.9
Single Platter Dishes
Phad Thai Noodles with King Prawn RM 32.9
King Prawn Platter
Gung Mae Nam Jan Deaw
Pan-fried king prawns, fish cakes , crackers and salad, served with steamed fragrant rice
  RM 36.9
Crispy Soft Shell Crab Platter
Poo Nim Jan Deaw
Crispy soft shell crabs , Thai mango salad ,prawn crackers and salad, served with steamed fragrant rice
RM 32.9
Fried Fish Platter
Pla Tod Jan Deaw
Fried fish fillet with peanut curry, spring rolls, vegetables and salad, served with steamed fragrant rice
RM 29.9
Beef Basil Platter
Neau Jan Deaw
Sliced beef with basil,spring rolls, fried eggs and salad, served with steamed fragrant rice
RM 29.9
Green Curry Chicken Platter
Kaew Wan Jan Deaw
Green curry chicken,Thai mango salad, prawn rolls and salad served with steamed fragrant rice
RM 29.9
Glutinous Rice Ball in Coconut Cream RM 16.9
Steamed Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk RM 16.9
Red Ruby with Mango Sticky Rice Spring Roll RM 19.9
Thai Mango with Sticky Rice
Khow Neow Ma Moung
Fresh mango served with sticky rice, covered in salted coconut milk
  RM 18.9
Chakri Red Ruby Water Chestnut
Ai Tim Tab Tim Krob
Homemade red ruby water chestnut, sago, jackfruit and vanilla ice cream served with icy coconut milk
RM 18.9
Fresh Mango with Sliced Coconut Pudding
Kuey Teow Ma Moung
Fresh mango served with strips of sliced coconut pudding
RM 16.9
Traditional Steamed Sweet Tapioca
Mun Cheum
Steamed sweet tapioca, covered in salted coconut milk
RM 15.9
Chilled Honey Sea Coconut
Luk Tan Cheum Kap Lam Yai
Chilled honey sea coconut served with longan
RM 15.9
Thai Jelly with Fresh Mango
Woon Ma Moung
Thai jelly served with fresh mango
RM 15.9
Durian Tempura
Durian Tord
Durian fritters served with ice cream
RM 15.9
Thai Cendol
Lod Chong Thai
Thai style cendol with coconut milk
RM 15.9

Fresh Fruit Platter Standard
Pon Laa Mai Kap Ma Moung
Standard (Recommended for 1 person)
Large (Recommended for 4 persons)

RM 15.9
RM 49.9

Premium Ice Cream
Choice of single, double or triple scoops
Please ask our captain for available flavours

Single RM 10.9
Double RM 12.9
Triple RM 15.9
Chakri Four Seasons RM 39.9
Chakri Mixed Seafood Tempura (Talay Tord) RM 49.9
Signature Kadok Leaves Roll (Mieang Kam) RM 24.9
Imperial Roum (Roum Mirt Tord) RM 24.9
Chakri Homemade Prawn Cake (Tod Mun Gung) RM 24.9
Chakri Homemade Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla) RM 23.9
Chakri Homemade Tofu (Tauhu Tord) RM 23.9
Thai Prawn Spring Roll (Gung Hom Sabai) RM 23.9
Thai Vegetarian Spring Roll (Por Pia Savoey) RM 20.9
Prawn Crackers with sweet Chilli Sauce (Gung Krabeang) RM 20.9
Chakri Specialty Beverages

Sparkly Thai Lemongrass RM 13.9
Ice Lemon Tea RM 12.9
Milky Thai Ice Tea RM 12.9
Milky Thai Ice Coffee RM 12.9
Soursop De Guava RM 12.9
Longan Jelly RM 12.9
Lychee Jelly RM 12.9

Lime Freezy RM 16.9
Lychee Freezy RM 16.9
Longan Freezy RM 16.9
Soursop Freezy RM 16.9
Mango Milk Freezy RM 16.9
Fruit Punch Freezy RM 16.9
Strawberry Smoothie RM 16.9
Frozen Cappuccino RM 16.9
Healthy Drinks

Honey Lemongrass (Hot/Cold) RM 12.9
Honey Pandan (Hot/Cold) RM 12.9
Green Passion
Cucumber + Apple + Starfruit + Celery Stick
RM 17.9
Tropical Detox
Orange + Starfruit + Apple + Celery + Grenadine
RM 17.9
Orange + Carrot + Apple + Celery
RM 17.9
Ms Botox
Apple + Lime Juice + Celery
RM 17.9

Virgin Mary RM 18.9
Virgin Colada RM 18.9
Bangkok Temple RM 18.9
Chiang Mai Passion RM 18.9
Thai Honeymoon RM 18.9
Bangkok Smoothie RM 18.9
Tenderberry RM 18.9
Chakri Fruit Punch RM 18.9
Peach Lemon Pie RM 18.9
Forest Cooler RM 18.9

Fresh Apple RM 15.9
Fresh Orange RM 15.9
Fresh Watermelon RM 15.9
Fresh Honeydew RM 15.9
Fresh Carrot RM 15.9
Fresh Thai Coconut RM 15.9
Pink/Green Guava RM 15.9
Mango Juice RM 15.9
Hot/Cold Beverages

Chakri Brewed Coffee RM 10.9
Espresso (Single) RM 10.9
Espresso (Double) RM 12.9
Cappuccino RM 10.9
Café Latte RM 11.9
Milo RM   9.9
Jasmine Green Tea RM 10.9
Cameron Tea RM 10.9
Camomile Tea RM 10.9
Chinese Tea (Refillable) RM   3.9
Soft Drinks & Sky Juices

Coke RM   8.9
Diet Coke RM   8.9
Sprite RM   8.9
Ginger Ale RM   8.9
Bitter Lemon RM   8.9
Soda Water RM   8.9
Chakri Mineral Water RM   5.9
Evian (Non-Sparkling) RM 11.9
Perrier (Sparkling) RM 11.9

All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) and subjected to 10% Service charge and 6% Government tax.

At Chakri Palace we prepare all food items from scratch. Although all due care is taken, dishes may still contain ingredients that are not set out on the menu and these ingredients may cause an allergic reaction to some guests. Guest who are at high risk of allergy should check with staff whether items are safe for their consumption.Welcome to Celebrate Anniversary In KL & also can Celebrate Birthday In KL.